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Unleash the Power of THC and CBD Edibles: Discover Our Variety and Benefits

Sandra J. Currier June 18, 2023 0 comments

THC Weed Delivery a.ka. Tetrahydrocannabinol – The HIGH FEELING. The reason most people partake in the use of marijuana; its “psychoactive” effects.

Usually spikes creativity and focus while reducing anxiety. CBD a.ka.Cannabidiol – The NO HIGH FEELING. The reasons some people partake in the use of marijuana; pain relief or regulating memory and mood (some studies found). Usually spikes appetite and improves sleep while reducing nausea.

Green In Cannabis offers:

  • THC and CBD Edibles – gummies and teas to softgels and chocolates/sweets.
  • It is important to us to provide unique and tailored choices which is why we provide a wide range of edibles to satisfy your preferred THC, CBD, or hybrid ratios and unlock our possibilities to enjoy your way.



We like gummies because they’re a yummy and familiar taste. You can pick from a variety of flavours like strawberry or blueberry and the gummies are also available in a hybrid for your convenience!

Gimme the TEA!

It has been suggested that Vikings used cannabis flowers to brew tea for the purpose of alleviating pain, encouraging vitality, and supporting a strong recovery from various ailments. With flavors such as peach, ginger, lavender, and chamomile, you can enjoy the benefits of THC and CBD as they did.

Softgels: Discreet and Hassle-Free

Our softgels offer a quick and covert way to consume cannabis. Our softgels come in 15 and 30 packs with different THC and CBD levels and have a silky covering for easy swallowing. Make sure you choose the proper strain for the effects you want!

Energize Your Mind with Sativa Pills

Looking for mental stimulation? The ideal option is one of our sativa pills, which are well-known for their energizing benefits. Find the sativa pill that best meets your needs by perusing our selection.

Stay Hydrated with Sparkling Water

With our flavoured sparkling water, you may quench your thirst and benefit from THC and CBD. Our CBD and THC-infused sparkling water makes staying hydrated more fun than ever with a range of CBD and THC ratios.

Indulge in Decadent Chocolate Candy

Relax with our opulent chocolates that combine rich flavour with the advantages of THC and CBD. We have a huge selection that may satisfy any craving, so you can be sure to discover the ideal chocolate that has been infused with your favourite strain.

With GreenIn Cannabis, explore the vast world of THC and CBD edibles and takeadvantage of the many advantages they provide.



  • Sandra J. Currier

    I have over 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry and can offer my expertise to help your cannabis business thrive in the emerging Canadian markets. My areas of expertise include developing policies for medical and recreational cannabis, advocating for patients, conducting research on cannabis market demographics, organizing cannabis events, procuring vendors, writing, community engagement, and promoting social responsibility.

    My contributions to the industry have been recognized in several ways. In 2007, I was named the Best Marijuana Activist by Now Magazine. In 2015, I was recognized as one of the Top 300 Most Influential Women of Weed by Weed Woman Canada. I also received the Michelle K Rainey Activism Award in 2016.