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Sandra J. Currier June 25, 2023 0 comments

It is our absolute delight to share that our cannabis strains have garnered some of the highest accolades in Canada. In this article, we’re set to explore the distinctions and influences of various cannabis strains. The big players in the cannabis world are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Indica strains are famed for their tranquilizing properties, resulting in a full-body high, while Sativa strains deliver a stimulating boost to creativity and an invigorating cerebral high. Hybrid strains, on the other hand, harmonize elements from both Indica and Sativa.

Avid cannabis users typically opt for specific strains based on the particular effects they seek. This choice is often driven by the pursuit of certain advantages or the intent to mitigate possible stronger side effects present in some strains. Stay with us as we introduce you to some of the top-rated strains in Canada and their intriguing qualities!

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This Indica-leaning strain is renowned for its potential in easing symptoms associated with chronic pain, sleeplessness, depression, and stress. Black Cherry Punch provides a full-body relaxation accompanied by a distinct physical tingling sensation. It’s available in flower, pre-roll, and cartridge formats.


Known for its balanced high, Blue Dream is a Sativa-leading strain that delivers a blend of comprehensive body relaxation, cerebral stimulation, amplified motivation, and enhanced focus. You can find Blue Dream in flower and pre-roll forms.


Gelato, an Indica-favored strain, is famous for its potent relaxation effects, mental stimulation, and productivity boost. We offer Gelato in pre-roll format and several versions in flower form.


GMO Cookies, another Indica-strong strain, is appreciated for its mentally elevating effects. GMO Cookies are available in the flower form.


Often referred to as Granddaddy Purp, this Indica-heavy strain is commended for its influence on physical relaxation and cerebral bliss. You can avail of Granddaddy Purp in cartridge form.


Renowned for its combined cerebral and body effects, OG Kush is an Indica-dominant strain. It’s available in both flower and pre-roll forms.


Pineapple Express, a Sativa-dominant Hybrid, is celebrated for its quick-acting and enduring energetic effects. Pineapple Express can be obtained in both flower and cartridge forms.


Pink Kush, a predominantly Indica strain, is favored for its intense physical effects and potency. It’s offered in flower, pre-roll, cartridge, and shatter/concentrate forms.


Sour Diesel, a Sativa-dominant strain, is loved for its speedy, energizing, and dreamy cerebral high. We offer Sour Diesel in a shatter/concentrate form.


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