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Blue Hawai AAAA Sativa

Components: THC 28%
Weight: 1 OZ


Blue Hawaiian is a hybrid strain that conjures images of tropical drinks and Elvis…

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Blue Hawaiian is a hybrid strain that conjures images of tropical drinks and Elvis movies, resulting from crossbreeding two potent strains: the always popular Blueberry and a Hawaiian sativa landrace. Jordan of the Islands, a prolific breeding operation in the picturesque Vancouver Island, British Columbia, created this boldly-flavoured strain. Blue Hawaiian offers a balanced high that combines the best of its relaxing indica and stimulating sativa genetics. Its THC composition ranges between 12% and 20%, with one test reaching as high as 24%, as measured by the cannabis testing lab Analytical 360.
Once cured, the small to medium-sized flowers of Blue Hawaiian take clumpy, popcorn-like shapes. The tightly coiled leaves form a dense, heavy bud structure typical of Indica varieties. The leaves are bright lime green, contrasting the fiery orange hairs threaded throughout the flowers, which are pistils, reproductive systems meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants. Some phenotypes of Blue Hawaiian may also have blue and purple hues due to high concentrations of anthocyanin pigments stimulated by cold temperatures during the growing process, inherited from its Blueberry parent strain. Glassy white trichomes dot these colourful flowers, making them sticky and difficult to break up for joints or pipes without a grinder.
The high of Blue Hawaiian takes several minutes to mount, hitting users with its force gradually. As a result, smokers may feel a marked improvement in mood, accompanied by a warm tingle that slowly spreads throughout the body. This strain’s simultaneous physical and mental relaxation can lead to psychedelic effects, such as visual distortions or the sensation of time dilation. However, users typically remain lucid and able to focus for the duration of the high. As such, Blue Hawaiian can be a great way to complement anything from creative productivity to exercise to sex.
Medical cannabis patients can also benefit from Blue Hawaiian’s soothing effects on chronic aches, pains, and headaches. It can also stimulate the appetite of those who have lost it due to illness or chemotherapy. Although the average high does not result in couch-lock, Blue Hawaiian can induce deep and restful sleep in those with insomnia in large enough doses. Psychologically, this strain can temporarily blunt the troubling symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Finally, its sense of sustained focus can also benefit those with attention deficit disorders.


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