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Zkittlez OZ Special

Components: THC 23%
Weight: 1 OZ


Zkittlez, a strain of cannabis, tends to manifest its head-focused effects subtly but quickly….

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Zkittlez, a strain of cannabis, tends to manifest its head-focused effects subtly but quickly. Initially, users may experience some slight pressure around the eyes and temples. However, as they become more accustomed to this sensation, they appreciate the strain’s impact on their sensory perception. The effects of Zkittlez can result in bizarre occurrences such as visual and auditory distortions and an altered sense of time. These trippy and depersonalizing effects can be intensified through atmospheric enhancements, particularly moody music or visually engaging shows. Concurrently, users may also observe that their thoughts become more active and reflective as specific ideas occupy more space or attention than they otherwise would. This cerebral energy can be particularly advantageous when performing complex or mundane tasks like house cleaning. As the high wears on, users can expect to experience a palpable body high that complements the previously described mental effects. While this newfound relaxation will not necessarily incapacitate the user, it may hinder their motivation to complete a lengthy to-do list. As a result, Zkittlez is recommended for consumption between late afternoon and early evening when the user can enjoy its leisurely effects.

Additionally, Zkittlez has several medical applications for cannabis patients. The strain’s zoned-in mental effects may aid individuals with attention deficit disorders to maintain focus. Moreover, as the body high kicks in, it can temporarily relieve symptoms related to stress, depression, and anxiety. Zkittlez can also provide relief from chronic pain and minor, everyday irritations. Furthermore, Zkittlez can stimulate the appetite, benefiting individuals who have lost their hunger to diseases like chemotherapy. It is essential to note that Zkittlez’s potentially paranoid cerebral effects can be detrimental to individuals with a low tolerance for THC or those prone to panic. Thus caution is advised when consuming this strain.


1 OZ