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Purple Punch OZ Special

Components: THC 23%
Weight: 1 OZ


Purple Punch, a highly potent strain with an appealing flavour profile, owes its existence…

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Purple Punch, a highly potent strain with an appealing flavour profile, owes its existence to enigmatic breeders. This Indica-dominant hybrid is an intelligent amalgamation of Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, yielding the best of both worlds with its equally strong mind and body effects.

The buds of this strain are fluffy and bright, donning a neon hue accompanied by reddish pistils and amber trichomes. While Purple Punch may not appear to be an overly potent strain with its 20% THC content, it packs a punch with its 1% CBD content. In addition, its vigorous grape Kool-Aid aroma and flavour profile may leave a lasting impression on one’s senses, with additional notes of blueberries, vanilla, and herbs to balance the taste.

Inhaling the smoke of Purple Punch will give one a deliciously sweet experience, with the berry and grape notes being the first to hit the palate. A smooth, ultra-sweet sensation is akin to sugared berries and sour Skittles lingering in the mouth upon exhaling.

This strain begins its high with an intense cerebral stimulation that is felt immediately behind the eyes. This effect is uplifting, almost like floating in the air like a balloon. The bodily effects, however, will gradually kick in as the high progress, bringing a heavy sense of sedation that balances out the cerebral stimulation. Depending on one’s tolerance, this may be the perfect time to relax, unwind, drift into a peaceful slumber or enjoy a movie and space out.

Purple Punch’s ability to lift one’s spirits with ease makes it an ideal strain for medical use. It is known to relieve stress and depression and alleviate bodily pain caused by headaches, cramps, muscle spasms, and other ailments. In addition, it is an excellent choice for individuals who have insomnia and are looking for restful sleep.


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