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Blue Widow Weed Strain

Components: THC 24%
Weight: 1OZ


Blueberry and White Widow were crossed to produce the unusual hybrid strain known as…

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Blueberry and White Widow were crossed to produce the unusual hybrid strain known as Blue Widow. The outcome is a flower with energizing and relaxing effects on consumers, making it a well-rounded and adaptable choice.

The strong, sweet perfume of Blue Widow is one of its distinguishing qualities. The aroma is frequently described as having blueberry-like undertones and hints of pine or sour citrus. Blue and purple hues may be seen in the Blue Widow’s vivid buds, generally coated in a thick layer of long orange hairs.

Blue Widow defies stereotypes despite being a hybrid by growing taller than most indices and delivering more cerebral lofty effects. For individuals who wish to unwind without going too far into sedation, it provides a robust, uplifting and comforting high. The pleasant relaxation this strain offers may cause sleepiness and aid in falling asleep at higher dosages.

Blue Widow is valued for its possible medicinal advantages, distinctive flavour, and effects. It is frequently used to boost appetite, treat motion sickness, and lessen the impact of stress, anxiety, and melancholy. In addition, it is a favourite among medical cannabis users because of its calming qualities, which can also help reduce chronic pain and inflammation.

Blue Widow is a well-liked strain that offers a distinctive and fun experience. Blue Widow is unquestionably worthwhile, whether you’re trying to rest and unwind or need a slight boost of energy and focus.


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